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In 1964, Nelson Mandela’s sentence was changed to
Life in prison

In 1962, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned and charged with terrorism.

Despite the repression that Nelson Mandela and the ANC faced they never resorted to the

Nelson Mandela spent his early years as a sheep and cattle herder.

In South Africa’s 1994 presidential election, Nelson Mandela

According to Mandela, his hunger for freedom
came when he realized that his freedom has been taken from him

In Nelson Mandela’s autobiography he writes that
He was born free

In 1976, _______ protested in Soweto leading to nationwide rioting and brutal police
School children

In ______ Nelson Mandela was released

Nelson Mandela studied law at
Fort Hare University

When the Nationalist Government came to power in South Africa in 1948, they
implemented a policy of

In 1941, Nelson Mandela moved to Johannesburg, South Africa and found work
Both A and B

South Africa’s first free and democratic elections took place in

South African whites referred to Apartheid as
Good Neighborliness

Which of the following statements about Nelson Mandela’s imprisonment is NOT true?
Put Because of his status…

Most world leaders today view Nelson Mandela as a former terrorist and refuse to meet

The principal tactics used by Mandela and the ANC as part of the armed struggle was
Sabotage of key government installations

The 1955 Freedom Charter (Kliptown) called for
Multiracial rule

Nelson Mandela was given the name “Nelson” by
His grade school teacher

What happened in Sharpeville in 1960?
All of the above

The anti-apartheid movement was for the most part confined to Black South Africans.

The South African government refused to dismantle apartheid until 1996.

Which of the following is NOT true about the Freedom Charter and its aftermath?
The trial lasted four months

Nelson Mandela was able to get the best education that a Black man could in South Africa
Mandela’s father was a chief

Nelson Mandela was the most visible member of the ANC at the Freedom Charter?

While in college, Nelson Mandela got involved in student politics and protests.

The goal of the African National Congress (ANC) was to unite Africans and build a nation.

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